The Nigeria I See!

The Nigeria I See!

“Do not underrate what you have received, nor envy others. He who envies others does not obtain peace of mind”  - Buddha.

It astounds me when I hear Nigerians say they don’t like Nigeria. Some cynics would even say the Nigerian dream is to be miles away from home, in places where they believe their dreams would be realized. 

  Another major response is that their Nigerian dream is the burning desire to be successful against all odds and by any means necessary. While this isn’t a bad notion by any notion, from all indications “any means necessary” means the willingness to bend or break the rules to be rich. 

   I believe Nigeria is a goldmine waiting to be explored, filled with prospects, experiences and dreams. The dream of a better Nigeria is well within our grasp, and it will take the effort of every Nigerian regardless of axiom, dogma, ideology, gender, ethnicity or clime to progressively bring it to fruition. 

The Nigeria of our dreams exists, we just have to be emphatically and proudly Nigerian!